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The Inspo Soundtrack to 2020.

The Inspo Soundtrack to 2020.

Your Vision for 2020 (A Million Dreams – The Greatest Showman Soundtrack):

To have a vision in 2020 is to give yourself something personal and meaningful to work towards. A personal vision is associated with greater levels of motivation, productivity and inspiration.

Resilience (Outnumbered – Dermot Kennedy):

2020, like any other year, will bring you its own tests. These tests will challenge you to stay grounded and feeling in control. I hope that a listen to this powerful Dermot Kennedy song can help you best navigate those periods of stress and pressure and emerge better and stronger.

Be Yourself (Wild Child – Enya):

The greatest space to operate from in 2020 is from a place of authenticity. When done, it’s effortless, genuine and is most likely the place where you shine from as a person.

Embrace Imperfections (Superman (It’s Not Easy) – Five for Fighting):

To be authentic is nice aspirationally. What it does require is embracing allof who we are. We may not love, today, all of who we are as individuals. Yet this is what we must try to do to reap the benefit of being truly ourselves.

Have Fun (Born to Be Alive – Patrick Hernandez):

Life is short, they say. And all we have in life right now is the year 2020. Fun is the best ingredient to create a memorable year. What better way than putting on a song, having a dance and putting a smile on your face!

Loss (Sunshine on Leith – The Proclaimers):

Sister Stan, founder of Homeless Charity Focus Ireland, wrote in Now is the Time that loss and grief is an important part of the circle of life. While I hope for many positive things for you and myself, I recognise the possibility of experiencing loss in 2020 – in any shape or form. Hopefully we can find the best possible relationship with any loss experienced in 2020, or loss we carry with us into 2020.

Enjoy Connection (I Don’t Know – Lisa Hannigan):

The power of human connection has stood the test of time. Inspite of all technological advances, we still in 2020 appreciate, enjoy and crave human connection as much as ever.  

Live with Uncertainty (Into the Unknown – Frozen 2 Soundtrack):

It’s hard to believe that we are in ‘20s decade! What it shall bring is impossible for us to know with any certainty. Being ok with not knowing is a skill. Being ok with not knowing can allow all possibilities to emerge. And from that place, perhaps, great things can happen.

Practice gratitude (Favourite Things – The Sound of Music Soundtrack):

In the busyness of life we can get caught up in what’s wrong rather than what’s right. And yet there’s always plenty that is right, when we get time and space to reflect. This reflection can help create a new perspective on, and appreciation for, life at any point in time in 2020.

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