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Inspiration on a Small Scale

Inspiration on a Small Scale

Inspo is about inspiring people. Last week’s post was about inspiring you to create your own ‘20/20 Vision’.

At this time of year, there is a lot of inspiration being offered to you.  You’re probably reading words and phrases like ‘new you’, ‘transformation’, ‘big change’ etc. with regularity.

Today’s post is an attempt to inspire you to take the smallest action.

The idea for the action arose in a deli in Grand Canal Square last Monday lunchtime. I ordered a takeaway soup and toasted sandwich at the counter. I was given my soup in a takeaway bag and waited a couple of minutes for the sandwich to be ready. While waiting I realised that the soup would be safe enough (i.e. not too hot) for me to carry the five minutes back to the office. So when the sandwich arrived I politely handed the takeway bag back.

In the five minutes I was there, there was another five people who could have done the same. So I thought, imagine we all had handed our bag back or politely declined the bag in the first instance. That would be five bags saved. And when on the same day there are tens of thousands of people in that same one city getting a takeaway lunch, it struck me just how significant the collective impact could be of us – where possible – not taking a bag to carry our lunch in.

The challenge this week is, if at any stage this week you get a takeaway lunch, and if it’s practical for you, politely decline any bag given or politely hand it back if it’s given automatically.

If you’re up for it, I invite you to like this post on LinkedIn when you do so (even if it’s something you’ve already being doing). It can help track the collective impact of the smallest individual act.

It might just reveal the power of the smallest scale of inspiration.


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