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Discoland: Creating Joy at Work

Discoland: Creating Joy at Work

My brother-in-law put fellow Scot Gerry Cinnamon on my radar before Christmas. His one-man band music is so catchy (he should be on the Inspo 2020 soundtrack really). I saw a live show of his on Youtube last week. His one song Discoland caught the eye (in an ideal world he’d drop the unneeded reference to drugs however that is rock ‘n’ roll for you). There is pure joy on the faces across the crowd as he belts out this cracking tune.

Whilst listening on repeat to Discoland over the weekend it provided me with the wonderful reinforcement that joy in life – which this song epitomises – is as good as it gets.

It brightens, changes a day.

In our adult lives, we work more than any other single activity (sleep excluded). Creating joy in work is key.

At the top of the joy food chain at work is making choices to find the right career path for you. That’s why I love that I am delivering two sessions this week in companies for their staff on how to make a great career choice.

On a more practical level of the joy food chain, here’s three ideas to create joy at work this week:

1. Say Thanks:

Is there someone working hard for you this week? Is there someone going out of there way to help you? There’s going to be opportunities to say thanks in work this week. Take them. You’ll create joy in that person’s day. And the benefit of that joy for the person will far outweigh the time it takes you to say thanks.

2. Celebrate Success:

You and/or someone around you is going to succeed in some way this week. Be it small or large success. Celebrate it. A call-out, a coffee, a cake, a lunch. Mark the occasion! And be sure to highlight the hard work that went in to making the success possible. It’s the only reason the outcome was what it was.

3. Have fun:

Some work weeks can be long, hard and difficult. I remember being in a team working through a number of these such weeks in my audit days. I used look forward to Friday afternoon, just after lunch. We’d find a random quiz online and take 15 minutes to try blitz it. We’d have a good crack off it and have a good laugh at the differing degrees of knowledge emerging in the room. It lightened the mood and yet we’d still manage to have a productive close to the week (arguably more so if we just ploughed through). Find a way to lighten the mood and have a bit of fun with your team this week.

In just four minutes Gerry Cinnamon brings joys to thousands when he plays Discoland!

What can you do with minimal time input to create joy in work this week?

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