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Inspo 5 Pillars

Pillar 1: Motivational Talks/Training.

Businesses and individuals need inspiration and motivation in equal measure. This is at the core of what Inspo does. Companies have come calling for sessions ranging from one hour to day-long sessions – on topics like resilience, making great career choices, building your network and being an inspiring public speaker. Happily, Inspo has been able to answer the call each time.

Pillar 2: 1-1 Coaching.

While motivational talks/training are powerful interventions, coaching is the mechanism to allow ‘rubber hit the road’ sustainably for an individual. Eight years of coaching experience, a higher-diploma in Psychology and 120 hours of coaching training with the International Coaching Federation have created the platform for John Slattery to provide transformational coaching experiences for individuals.

Pillar 3: Facilitating/MCing People sessions.

Outside energy can be the spark to create powerful sessions for businesses and their people agenda. The call has come to Inspo around MCing internal Hackathons and objectively facilitating people engagement feedback sessions – to name only a few examples here. In response, Inspo has brought a mix of unique energy and objectivity that forms a brilliant and collaborative partnership with the in-house team – with very positive results.

Pillar 4: Helping Businesses/Teams create a People Vision.

For pillars 1-3 to be sustainably impactful, they MUST be tied to a greater goal. A people vision (i.e. a vision a team/business has for the experience they want staff to enjoy each day they come to work) is the ideal goal to work towards. Working with teams and businesses, Inspo has facilitated the creation of such a vision. Inspo has helped these teams and businesses then to decide, plan and execute on the initiatives and actions that will bring that vision to life.

Pillar 5: Grads/Interns/Third Level.

Helping people to make great life and career choices is a huge motivational factor in the work of Inspo. The earlier this can be done in life the better. The work that Inspo is doing across Grad & Intern Programmes and in Third-Level Institutions is growing steadily. It’s equipping the newest generation of adults with crucial skills and awareness to empower them to make great choices for themselves.