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It’s Always Darker Before the Dawn.

It was a bit mad – a fancy-dress costume theme to a concert. Not many artists would have had the audacity to try pull it off. And yet that’s exactly what Florence and the Machine did in 2012. The fancy dress theme created a carefree, let’s have fun vibe on the night. It was a […]

Productivity at Work: Our Friend Focus.

Over the last few weeks you’ve been introduced to Des and Ali. I’m a huge fan of them both. This week’s post reintroduces you to another good friend of Inspo, focus. I remember in the first two years of Inspo I’d be afraid of getting asked the question, ‘are you busy?’. I doubted whether I […]

A journal extract from Ali: Breathe

Tuesday, 24th September. That meeting today was intense!! I couldn’t get over what was happening in that first 30 minutes. We’d come together as a team to discuss our strategy. And there we were, being rapidly (self-) railroaded by literally the most trivial team matter. I’m so glad I had the where with all to […]

Feeling Good & Grounded: Introducing My Friend Ali

What can I say about my friend Ali? She’s super grounded. She always seems calm and in control. She’s attractive. Non in a manufactured way. Like my friend Des, she just always seems to look well. She has a core belief that life is for living. And that it’s not to be taken too seriously. […]

Balance in Life – My Friend Des: Sleep

So I get home from the Proclaimers around midnight last Saturday. With ‘500 miles’ in my head. I head straight for bed. It’s 1.15am before I get to sleep. Helped in no small measure by several ‘streams of nonsense-ness’ on my phone. Like at one point, around ten-to-one, I’m on the verge of booking flights […]

Balance – Introducing My Friend Des

What can I say about Des? He’s a very balanced guy. And handsome. Not in a manufactured way. More like in a ‘he-always-looks-well’ kind of way. Des takes care of himself. Not in a ‘I-check-myself-in-the-mirror-regularly-to-make-sure-I’m-looking-good’ kind of way. More like, Des is a fan of sticking to the basics that he knows keeps him feeling […]

What Makes a Good Motivational Speaker?

A question has come up a couple of times in conversation recently, what makes a good motivational speaker? There’s two parts to my answer to the question. One is a major factor and one is minor. Let’s deal with the minor factor first. It being the ability to speak in public. I remember seeing a […]

What Would the World Say to Us?

Wild Love. A striking name for a workshop. The mind itself can run wild trying to work out what it’s about. What is it? It’s a brilliant two-hour workshop I attended a few weeks back, on opening up the heart to connect to oneself and others in the room (for clarity, hugs were the extent […]

Strength in Unity: Announcing Inspo’s Partnership with Barden.

At Inspo, our passion is to help people be the best that they can be. We make this our reality by delivering motivational talks, bespoke training and providing 1-1 performance and career coaching. We love to see businesses driven by a similar passion to help people be at their best. Barden is a perfect example […]