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The Path to Your High Focus, Productivity and Quality Zone.

The Path to Your High Focus, Productivity and Quality Zone.

6 Whatsapp notifications;

‘I’ve got to go into town’;

14 unread e-mails;

‘The washing is nearly done’;

19 Instagram stories;

‘I’m tired’


There is world of competition for your attention. And it is that very thing, attention, that you need to take you into your high quality, focus and productivity zone.

In the book, In Pursuit of Excellence, Terry Orlick talks about the power of ‘distraction control’ in getting into your zone of high focus, productivity and quality.

So how do we make distraction control a reality to get us into that good space?

Here are some of the key considerations:


In sessions of late, I’ve been asking people how many technological devices are around them. The answer ranges from 2 to 7. We often need technology to execute in our high focus, productivity and quality zone. On the flip side, it is one of the biggest threats to take us away from that space.

So to get into your zone, the big question I offer to ask yourself is; how can I minimise the opportunities for technology to distract me?


There are times when your environment is an ideal space for quality work. There other times when it’s a total disaster. A great question I invite you to reflect on is; where are my accessible ‘Plan B’ locations to do good work, for when I need them?


Where would we be in life without colleagues, friends, family, significant others etc.? In a place a lot less fun, secure and content, I offer. That being said, all these people have the potential to be a source of distraction for you when you need it least. Something to consider is; how can I ensure I communicate early, and with sensitivity, to those around me to create that zone I need to go into?


Perhaps underpinning all these is the ability to plan. I’m not a natural planner. The best people I know at going into their high quality, productivity and focus zone are highly skilled at planning to get themselves into that space. They create the space, they preserve it, they communicate and they get it done.

Getting into my high quality, focus and productivity space is a growth edge for me. I’m learning that it requires hard work and discipline. I equally see that the outputs are brilliant when I get there?

How hard are you willing to work to get into your zone?


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