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I Love the Growth Mindset

I Love the Growth Mindset

I didn’t just not pass those exams. I absolutely tanked them.

The scramble through the repeats resembled Indiana Jones attempt to recover his hat. Skin of the teeth stuff.

When the final exams came along I knew I had to change.

So what, if anything, worked well last year?, I asked myself.

Ok, so I’d put in the hours. I just spent a lot of those hours looking idly out into the garden. So keep the hours. There was enough of them there.

Where was I clearly not at the level last year?, I pondered.

I did way too few exams questions. I was so undercooked when it came to being ‘exam smart’.

Ok, so after every topic, I am doing an exam question. I am giving myself the exact ‘exam time’ to complete it. Getting myself properly ‘exam ready’ every day.

So I passed the exams. More than that, I flew through. The difference….

The Growth Mindset.

I love it.

Carol Dweck, out of Stanford, has shown that ‘growth mindset individuals’ outperform ‘fixed mindset individuals’.

Simply put, what is the Growth Mindset?

The ability to grow through learning, working hard and taking instruction.

Equally simply put, what is the Fixed Mindset?

The belief that we have a set level of ability. And nothing can change that.

We’re on a roll here.

Simply put, how do you move toward a Growth Mindset?

Praise the approach: Outcomes are a consequence of approach. After every good outcome, identify what about the approach made it possible. Shining a light on this makes it more likely that we remember and repeat the approach next time out. Meaning we are increasing the likelihood of another good outcome.

Power of ‘yet’: Flip viewpoint on unsuccessful outcomes. See them as learning opportunities rather than ‘disasters’ to be forgotten ASAP. Don’t lose the good in the effort and approach just cause the outcome went the wrong way. Explore what could be done different next time out to make good the outcome.

And to take it to work?

A suggestion for you:

Have you achieved something significant in work recently? Encourage you to sit down and praise what in the approach made the outcome a reality. You are unearthing the gold dust in the now. And for the future.

A suggestion for your business:

How is the tolerance levels for undesired outcomes in the business? Is there room for more scope to see them as invaluable learning opportunities? Sure we don’t want them. They do exist though. Can you make any tweaks to capitalise even more on their potential?

I love the Growth Mindset. It’s such an exciting area of possibility for you, me and business.

Is there more you can do to explore it?

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