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IMG_7750-2 (Small)John Slattery

I am on a 38 year journey. I am the closest I have ever come to attach real truth to the phrase I love what I do. I am the most authentic version of myself I have ever been.

The journey continues.

I know this. I was meant to inspire people. I was doing it with imaginary teammates out in my back garden from the age of seven. I am in the right place with Inspo.

I love what I do. I would like to work with you.

The Vision of Inspo: 

To be the leading inspirer and motivator of the human spirit.

It is one line, it is simple. It is to the fore every day. In everything that Inspo is about.


The Inspo Goal for Working with Business:

To create memorable experiences for the staff of a business, helping to make the business a great place to work.

Inspo sessions are unique. They stand out. They make people think. Fun is as present as challenge. They are delivered with a difference.

The Inspo Goal for Working with Individuals:

To help people to make great life and career choices.

Life is short. Careers span a lifetime. We have to make good choices to make the most of both. Inspo can help individuals in a way that no other business can.