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Helping you make decisions to achieve happiness and prosperity.

IMG_7750-2 (Small)I have over 12 years experience in a professional business environment, locally and internationally. In this time, my role evolved from auditing, to business development and people development.

Through Inspo, I am helping people to find a career that best represents them, their personality and their strengths. I am empowering business owners and leaders to create a culture where staff are encouraged to pursue their long-term career visions. And where in return, the business owners and leaders are getting the most from their staff.

My career is an example of the journey travelled to find a space that works for you. As an auditor, I learned hugely about teamwork. I obtained an accountancy qualification that stands to me always. But I sought more personal fulfillment. The Business Development role allowed to me play more of a developmental role with people. I loved this new departure. However, I still sought more fulfillment. The people development role allowed me to touch on people’s individual career goals and aspirations for the first time. Studying a Higher Diploma in Pscychology made me even more appreciative of the capacity for development in people. And so I decided to move to the next stage, by setting up Inspo. Inspo allows me the closest connection yet to the fulfillment I seek from my work.

I have channeled all the learnings from my personal, professional and academic experience into how I approach my work with individuals and businesses.

My underlying vision for Inspo is simple. To have a positive impact on as many individuals and businesses as is possible.