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Author: John Slattery

6 Whatsapp notifications; ‘I’ve got to go into town’; 14 unread e-mails; ‘The washing is nearly done’; 19 Instagram stories; ‘I’m tired’ ———————————————————————- There is world of competition for your attention. And it is that very thing, attention, that you need to take you into your high quality, focus and productivity zone. In the book, […]

‘You haven’t done enough prep for this.’ ‘What happens if you don’t say the right thing?’ ‘Are you really qualified to do be doing this work?’ ‘They sound like they know more than me.’ ‘I don’t think I can do this.’ These are some of the statements of doubt that have at times gripped me […]

Twelve years in the corporate world. Looking back, in some ways it was like being a cocoon. Or, perhaps oddly, a womb, of sorts. And so being borne into the self-employed world in 2016 was a shock. I felt about as ready for it as a new born in the National Maternity Hospital is for […]

I didn’t just not pass those exams. I absolutely tanked them. The scramble through the repeats resembled Indiana Jones attempt to recover his hat. Skin of the teeth stuff. When the final exams came along I knew I had to change. So what, if anything, worked well last year?, I asked myself. Ok, so I’d […]

It’s worth pausing for moment, I offer. Just to take a moment to acknowledge how fantastically well we’ve done to be here. To get to this point from March 2020. Outstanding. Because it’s been tough. It is tough. No question. Well actually, here’s one: What would you say have been the toughest parts of the […]

Principles are like foundational statements that serve as a secure perimeter wall in life that we want to live within. They serve us in decision-making, in understanding the right choice and determining what is the right or wrong thing to do in a moment. There are many good examples of principles to be found across […]

The ‘Road to New Normal’ conversations are designed to (a) encourage people to have open and honest conversations about their lockdown experience and (b) offer insights on how to stay good and grounded in life.  It was brilliant to chat today to Allen Leech. Allen has starred in the hit series, and movie, Downton Abbey, […]