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Now is the Time!

Now is the Time!

Two of my favourite ‘self-help’ books focus on the now. Now is the Time by Sister Stan and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. The essence of both is that all we ever have is now, this present moment. And what we do with the here and now defines the quality of our existence.

Over the next few weeks, you will have a fantastic opportunity to make the most of now. Here are two things that I’d encourage you to work on:

Your Career Direction:

So many people tell me that they find it hard to get time to reflect on their career. To check in to see how happy they are with the direction they are on. Other people have said to me that they struggle to work out what is the right direction for them. Over the next few weeks you now have the time. I want to help you to make the most of it. I will share content on the Inspo 3-Step Process for Making Good and Informed Career Choices. I too want to speak and work with people who’d like to use the time now to best establish what the right career direction is for them.

You have a precious opportunity to allow yourself get the clearest picture you may ever have on where you want to go in work and in life.

Please take the opportunity!


The two things we do most on a daily basis is breathe and think. Mindfulness, where breathwork meets meditation, is a technique to help you with both. The benefits of mindfulness have been widely documented. Most people say to me that they struggle to find time in the day for mindfulness. With your flexible days coming up, now is your ideal time to give it a solid go. Apps like Headspace and Calm are great starting points. Experienced teachers such as Barry Lee will be looking to help people over the coming weeks.

Taking this rare opportunity of time to learn to anchor yourself and your breath may be one of the best investments in time you will ever make.

The universe in a very peculiar way is offering you a chance to make these two weeks both powerful and incredibly beneficial for you.

Please don’t overlook the opportunity. Now is the time!

If you’d like to learn more about how you can use the precious time that you now have to get a better picture on what the right career direction looks like for you please contact me on john@inspo.ie. Most importantly, please stay safe and well.