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Team Ireland – Now is the Time to Save Lives!

Team Ireland – Now is the Time to Save Lives!

On Friday, I shared a post with you about using the flexible working time ahead to self-reflect on your career. I suggested too that you could use the time to (further) explore the powerful tool that is mindfulness.

And as promised, I will start sharing content tomorrow to assist you in reflecting on your career. And sincerely, I’m very excited about helping you over the coming weeks to get the best understanding possible about your career direction.

That being said, I could not go straight into that tomorrow without writing this.

Because we, Team Ireland, are in the midst of a health crisis.

The majority of readers of this are in a fortunate position. Because on an individual level, you will be fine. The reality is though that we are a Team. There is a portion of our Team that have much less guarantee of being fine currently. They, the elderly and the vulnerable, are dependent on us acting responsibly, behaving sensibly and thinking ‘we’ versus ‘I’.

Put simply Team Ireland, our actions in the coming weeks can save the lives of our ‘at risk’ teammates.

So what I do I want to say you. Well firstly, now is the time to act. Some of that action required has been brilliantly highlighted by Dr. Paddy Mallon, Professor of Infectious Diseases at UCD/Saint Vincent’s.

And to the key groups of our Team I offer this:

Parents of Team Ireland – whatever your business title may be – you have an opportunity to avoid the spread of the infection by guiding the children of our Team in the right way.

Interns and the young professionals of Team Ireland, you have a chance to influence your peers to see that they can be an actual life saver by taking this seriously.

Every other worker and person in Team Ireland, I urge you to play your part. Take the right action. It is a fact – you can a save a life by what you do in the coming weeks.

I wrote a blog about meeting a truly inspiring elderly man in Dublin last year. He mesmorised me. He had life in his soul and a sparkle in his eye that a 20-year old should strive for. He got around with the help of a walking-frame (much to his disgust). He, Team Ireland, is just one example of the Teammates we will be fighting for and acting on behalf of in the coming weeks.

I only have one question for you Team Ireland. Are you ready to do what it takes to save lives?

If you have any feedback on this post or would like to learn more about Inspo, please contact me at john@inspo.ie. If you are reading this from outside Ireland, please replace Ireland with your own country’s name and embrace the call to action in the same way.