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Lessons from a Chance Taken.

Lessons from a Chance Taken.

I’m learning massive amounts. It would take a book (hmmm, there’s a thought) to share them all. In the interests of brevity, here are three of the biggest learnings from taking a chance on the Inspo journey:

Belief and Courage are the Answer:

Do you want to make a brave step in life or your career? What I’ve learned is that to take a brave step you must believe. In what? I hear you ask. You must believe that the step you are considering is the right one. It’s my goal to help you over the next weeks with that belief. You must also have courage. Believing in a next step will get you as far as the edge of a decision. Courage will enable you to step past the edge. I hope over the next number of weeks I can help you with that courage too.

Make your Own Call:

I have made four big calls since I was 17. Firstly, I chose Accounting & Finance in DCU. This was a call heavily influenced by others. I then chose a training contract in an accountancy firm. Again, heavily influenced by others. I switched after my four-year training contract internally in the firm to a Business Development role. This was largely my own call. And then four years ago I made a call to leave the firm and set up Inspo. This was 100% my call. The call that has made me happiest is the call that was entirely my own. This is what I see for others too through my work with Inspo.

Making your own calls is the easiest way to be happy. It’s not easy. I know. I hope over the next few weeks that I can help you learn how to make good calls for yourself.

Invest in Your Own Strong Centre:

When I was in auditing, I was frequently unhappy. In the business development role, there was periods of unhappiness. With Inspo, there are obstacles that have had to be overcome regularly to maintain happiness. A key thing that has helped maintain happiness in this journey has been working on myself. Yoga, meditation, journaling, speaking to someone professionally. All have made me find a strong centre from which I now feel capable of dealing with most things. And to be ok when I feel under pressure to deal with somethings.

No matter where you go in life, a strong centre helps – like in the case of my friends Des and Ali. Hopefully later in the year I can take a number of weeks to help you with this.

I took a chance four years ago. And I am learning huge amounts because of this chance taken. I shall share as much as I can with you. And I hope that what I can share arms and empowers you to take your chance.