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This is for You

It’s a beautiful book. With an empowering message. Transformative actually.

And yet the birth of the message….How does it come from there?

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. It can unlock your potential. It can free you from your inhibitions.

And yet the birth of the message…..Is from the depths of time spent in a World War II concentration camp. In the dark confines of Auschwitz, Frankl shed light on ‘individual happiness’.

His discovery:

Life is suffering:

From the billionaire to the impoverished. The world presents all with suffering. In different forms. In many forms. Traffic Jams. Annoying boss. Hangover. Crowded shops. Two weeks to pay-day. Job unhappiness. The acca not coming in. That coat not in your size. Loss. Sickness. Death. Heating not working. No heating. Jeez, it’s so warm.

Wherever we go. There is suffering.

We have choice:

Choice. The world’s greatest gift. At any time. We can choose. Traffic jam. Choice: (1) Be annoyed and angry (2) Don’t be annoyed and angry (3) Ring friends (4) Listen to music. Annoying boss. Choice: (1) Be frustrated (2) Don’t be frustrated (3) Confront (4) Leave. Death. Choice: (1) Fear it (2) Embrace it (3) Live.

Whatever we face. We always have choice.

We must decide our meaning:

Let’s be honest. Too often, we look to others. Career goals. Performance objectives. Life choices. “What do you think I should do?” NO. Others can only inform. But it’s you who must decide. The true question is; “what do you want to do?”. You’re the key. The answer to your meaning and purpose is inside you.

Do you currently wonder about life choices? About career decisions?

In Frankl findings’ lies your answer. You have choices. You have an entirely unique sense of meaning and purpose. Make choices that light up your meaning and purpose. These choices transform you. Transform suffering. And transform life.

Make one positive choice for yourself today.

Written for JD.

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