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Inspo’s 2017 Review

Inspo’s 2017 Review

Welcome to the final blog of 2017! It’s been a year which saw Oscar drama, political change, sporting firsts. Here’s the four key takeaways from Inspo’s review of the year:


2017 brought people together across the world to catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse.

For Inspo, it’s been a year of meeting and working with unbelievable people. It’s also been a year of unbelievable support, goodwill and encouragement from people. It’s impossible to define the benefit and value of same. However, I will say this. The interaction with and support, goodwill and encouragement from wonderful people has been the highlight of Inspo’s year.


Kids across the world were grateful for the arrival of the fidget spinner in 2017.

2017 has been positive. 2017 has been challenging. Nearly every day could have been described as either. Do you ever get that feeling? I’ve learned in 2017 that my outlook and my mindset influences which category each day goes into. Keeping a daily gratitude journal has been helped hugely here. It’s helped me realise and acknowledge positive moments. Be they simple or significant. This evidence has helped rightly place much more days in the positive category than I would have in 2016. And for this I am very grateful.

Hard-Work and Good Craic:

This guy, dressed as the Monopoly Man, brought the lighter side to a US Senate Banking Committee Hearing in October 2017.

This is a common dual-trait in many of the inspiring people I’ve met in 2017. They work hard. Very hard. But they make time for craic. In work and outside of work. They enjoy a laugh as much as a lead. They can see solutions in a smile. And they always maintain a balance between work and good craic. This allows them to stay fresh, focussed and energetic.

It sounds simple. But it’s been inspirational to see it consistently applied. Especially when stuff is hitting the fan.

Known Direction:

Sloane Stephens pursued her direction and in doing so, become the lowest seeded player ever to win the Women’s US Open in 2017.

One of the reasons I’ve observed people maintain a balanced scale of good craic and hard-work is direction. They know what direction they want to go in their career. At least as much as they can do in the ‘here and now’. They have chosen and crafted this direction. They like it. And they own it. Consequently, they are happy to work hard at getting closer to the end-point of their direction. And as this journey feels nice, they equally, and naturally, like to take ‘pit-stop’ moments to laugh and smile. Inside and outside work.

We all can benefit from checking-in to see how our own direction feels. I shall be doing so myself over the break. How about you?

Have a great Christmas and a very happy New Year!

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