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Inspo’s Four Unmissable Work Truths

Inspo’s Four Unmissable Work Truths

At Inspo, the following are four unmissable work truths. You may agree or disagree on their importance. That’s fair enough. Either way, they are important to share to let you form your view on them:

Work dominates your time:

You are going to spend 33% of your wakeful adult life at work. It trumps (possibly poor verb choice, by association) all other activities, bar one. Sleep. The person you love most in your life, for example. You are going to spend more time at work than you are with them.

Your outlook in work matters:

There are three main views you can have on work. The first is to view work as a ‘job’. With this view, you see work as something you do to get paid. Your priorities in life lie elsewhere. The second view of work is as a ‘career’. In this instance, you are motivated by the progression opportunities that work offers (be they pay, promotion or otherwise). The third view of work is as a ‘calling’. With this view, you see work as contribution towards a greater purpose or goal (be it societal or otherwise).

Research from Yale University shows that the greatest levels of work and life satisfaction are associated with viewing work as a ‘calling’. Next greatest levels of work and life satisfaction come with the view of work as a ‘career’. Viewing work as a ‘job’ is associated with the lowest levels of work and life satisfaction.

You’re more productive when you’re happier in work:

The Financial Times has shared research that suggests that people who are happier in work are 12% more productive than those who are unhappy in work. This truth needs no further elaboration.

Work life passes by quickly:

This truth hit home recently while giving a talk to a group of students on a summer internship in a company. I reflected with them how quickly the 15 years have gone since I was in their position. That’s a third of my working life.

What do these truths represent?

That’s up to you to interpret.

However at Inspo, they represent the biggest truth of all. That is, that it is so so important to check in with the work path you are currently pursuing. And ask the following:

  • Am I satisfied with the work that I am doing?
  • Does it give me a sense of contentment?
  • Am I happy at work?

There are other nuances to consider when weighing up if your work path is the right one. However, these four truths offer a great starting point for reflecting on work.