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Why Inspo?


Thanks very much for taking an interest in Inspo’s blog!  I would like to share with you why I’ve set up Inspo and what it’s been like so far.

I’ve been trying to work out what’s the career path that suits me best for some time. Auditing, business development, journalism, sports psychology, event management and corporate finance are some of the fields I experimented with. Stepping back, I looked at my strengths and what I was really interested in.  Motivating, communicating, building rapport were things that came up on the one hand. While Ireland, making a positive impact on people & business and the world of sport emerged on the other side. So I set about creating a business that would allow me to bring all these things together. Thus creating the strongest possible connection to my career. And so arrived Inspo.

I’ve been growing Inspo since March. Inspo helps people create the strongest possible connection to their career. It’s also helps business leaders to enable their staff to create that same connection to their career within that organisation. Building a business around my interest areas and the things that I am good at, and enjoy doing, feels really good. I also feel grateful for the benefits I am enjoying since starting the new venture.

While I shall write about gratitude in work in the next blog, here’s two examples of why I feel gratitude right now. Firstly, I love hanging out with family and friends.  The enjoyment, excitement and flexibility I experience in my new venture has a positive effect on the time I spend with family and friends.  Secondly, I am ambitious in my career.  Research has shown that being connected to your career enhances your productivity. That connection to what I do is proving a personal driving force to get everything (be it blissful or arduous!) that is needed to make this work done efficiently.

Having read this you might be curious to self-check the connection you feel towards your job. If so, a good starting point is taking a page and dividing it in two. Write down on the left-hand side the things that you believe are your key strengths. Write down on the right the things that you’re really interested in. When you have done this, ask yourself, how often does my job allow me to utilise what is on the left hand side and get exposure to what is on the right hand side of the page? This is an effective and simple first-step to assess the connection you feel towards your job.

Given that we have only one career, it’s imperative that we make sure we are always getting a positive outcome to this exercise. And we should recognise that making necessary changes, small or significant (including chatting it out with someone should you feel the need to), in our career to ensure a positive outcome is a very rewarding step.

Thanks for reading!