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Reinvigorating Work: 5 Ways to Transform Your Role

Reinvigorating Work: 5 Ways to Transform Your Role

Are you happy with where you work, but less happy with your role? Well then, read on!

Amy Wrzesniewski and Jane Dutton, researchers of work fulfilment, have been central to creating a concept called ‘job crafting’. ‘Job crafting’ is the process of making physical and mindset changes to improve how you think and feel about your own role. There are five ways to do this:

  1. Craft an inspirational relationship:

Is there someone in your work who you view as a role-model? If yes, rate out of 10 the level of interaction you have with them. I’m going to guess it’s less than 10 – so there’s room for improvement! How can you get more access to this person? Can you join a committee they are on? Can you sit in on more calls or client meetings with them? This increased interaction leads to increased inspiration from this individual. Which is a positive ‘hit’ to the perception of your work each time.

  1. Pack your day with the ‘right tasks’: 

What are the tasks within your role that allow you to ‘shine and smile’? Equally, what are the tasks that are ‘drains’ of your energy, enthusiasm and time? Do a quick assessment of where the balance of your time is being spent each day. Are there quick wins to tip the scales more towards ‘shine and smile’? The smallest change can give you daily payback.

  1. Change your relationship to work:

In 1961, John F Kennedy toured NASA’s headquarters for the first time. He met a janitor mopping a floor on his tour of the facility and asked him what he did. The janitor replied, “I’m helping put a man on the moon!”. Too often, we lose sight of the benefit of the work we do. We may be blinded by work frustrations, or perhaps our employer is not doing a good job of socialising the company’s purpose. (Re)Connecting with the value of the work you do can improve the perception you have of your own role.

  1. Find a course that can bring you forward: 

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Do you feel you have missing or under-developed skills or knowledge professionally? If so, find a course that will plug that gap. Ask your employer to support it. The cost/benefit for your employer of supporting vs. losing you is stacked in your favour. This course will introduce a sense of development in your work. Which is in itself a source of reinvigoration.

  1. Find a good physical location:

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Is your physical location in work conducive to feeling good about work? If not, what adjustments can you make? I used work in a spot in an office that lacked good access to natural daylight. Through meetings, finding a spare desk elsewhere etc. I’d make sure to get access to a brighter environment. This helped immeasurably with sustaining a positive mood in work each day.

These five practical changes can breathe newness and rejuvenation into your role. And much of the suggestions above are within your control to get cracking on. Which brings us back to the same question at the outset. Do you really like your place of work but currently feel frustrated with your role? If yes, these five suggestions are more than worth exploring.