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Pending one’s outlook, I may have been perceived as having a ‘thriving career’. I ticked many of those boxes that traditionally implied success; I was a qualified accountant, working for an internationally recognised company, being relatively well compensated, with ample opportunities to travel and a visible career ladder to take me to the highest rank. […]

For me it’s simple – people thrive in their career because they achieve the mix of extrinsic and intrinsic reward that is right for them. Extrinsic reward is easy to define; it’s the monetary value of your compensation (salary, bonus, pension, healthcare etc…).  Extrinsic reward is what drove people for generations and continues to drive […]

The importance of enjoyment in a thriving career struck me whilst watching a programme on TV last October. On the RTE Documentary, ‘Winning’, Irish rugby legend Paul O’Connell emphasised that enjoying the pursuit of your career goals is key to a successful career. It was a very impactful message, particularly coming from a person who came […]