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Pending one’s outlook, I may have been perceived as having a ‘thriving career’. I ticked many of those boxes that traditionally implied success; I was a qualified accountant, working for an internationally recognised company, being relatively well compensated, with ample opportunities to travel and a visible career ladder to take me to the highest rank. […]

For me it’s simple – people thrive in their career because they achieve the mix of extrinsic and intrinsic reward that is right for them. Extrinsic reward is easy to define; it’s the monetary value of your compensation (salary, bonus, pension, healthcare etc…).  Extrinsic reward is what drove people for generations and continues to drive […]

..Operate in the Now. The final reason in the Inspo 10/10/10 series on why people thrive in their career relates to their ability to perform ‘in the now’. In his book, “In Pursuit of Excellence”, Terry Orlick cites how ‘distraction control’ is key to thriving in your career. In addition, Orlick states that those who ground themselves in the […]

Inspiration is a fascinating factor behind your career. Ability is evident and knowledge too is apparent. However, inspiration is the glue that brings these and other strengths together to achieve great things. Why is it so important? Prominent Positive Psychologist, Scott Barry Kaufman, believes inspiration has the ability to turn “apathy to engagement”. Music to […]

“Compassion is the most profitable business skill” – Marie Forleo, Entrepreneur. Key advice about the importance of compassion in life is given moments before a flight takes off. Specifically, it’s hidden in the instructions during the safety demonstration on how to deal with loss of cabin pressure. We’re instructed to apply our own oxygen mask before tending to […]