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Resilience: On a Given Day

Resilience: On a Given Day

On given day, you can:

  1. Say thanks to a colleague, friend, family member, significant other or stranger for something they did for you;
  2. Offer to make someone a cup of tea or coffee;
  3. Ask someone ‘how are you?’ and listen to their answer;
  4. Let someone know that you love them;
  5. Help a visitor to your town or city find their way;
  6. Say hello to someone who may not get to say hello to many on a given day;
  7. Hold or open a door for someone;
  8. Pause and think of reasons to be grateful in that moment; and
  9. Stop, and take a short walk.

What’s the benefit to you to do any or all of these things during your work day?

The benefit of these that I want to focus on today relates to resilience – an increasingly important factor in modern life.

Carol Pemberton, Resilience Expert and Coach, describes resilience as “the capacity to remain flexible in our thoughts, feelings and behaviours when faced by a life disruption or extended periods of pressure so that we emerge from difficulty stronger, wiser and more able”.

Pemberton in her book, Resilience: A Practical Guide for Coaches, outlines how we can boost our resilience with strategies that allow us to take our mind and thoughts away from the source of your stress or pressure.

All these things above can potentially form part of a personal strategy that allows you to alleviate your mind from feelings of stress and pressure. They also provide the feel-good factor that comes from doing something good for yourself and others.

They are a win on every level, including supporting your resiliency at work and in life as a whole.

Do you accept the challenge of doing a minimum of three of these today?


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