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Motivation in Under 60 seconds: Passion.

Motivation in Under 60 seconds: Passion.

As a baby there was one thing you were passionate about.

That was the desire to live.

You were inspirational in how you pursued your passion.


You shouted the roof down until you got food.


You let it be known to all that you wanted rest.


And here’s the mad thing.

You were tiny.

And yet you compelled people multiples of your size to action.

You did not have their language.

Yet you persuaded, you influenced, you demanded.

And people responded to you.

They answered your call every time.


This brilliance is in you.

It never goes away.

It only requires you to be driven by something you are passionate about.


So the Inspo question for this week is; what is the passion that you want to connect to this week?

You’re a force of nature when you tap into it.


Connect into that passion this week.

Show the brilliance that is in you.

That you have displayed from your earliest days.


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