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Careers: Inspo’s (Musical) Quarter 1 Review

Careers: Inspo’s (Musical) Quarter 1 Review

In keeping with the review of 2016, Inspo’s 2017 Quarter 1 review is being done with the help of music. This time we go back to the 80’s:

“Because there’s something inside so strong”. (Something Inside) So Strong – Labi Siffre

When people really explore and pursue their career ambitions and goals, they really go to the authentic core of themselves. Adjectives I use to describe the people I’ve seen operating from that space this year is passionate, inspiring, tenacious and strong.

And I’ve seen this in people who can be any of a shy, outgoing, self-assured, self-effacing, uncertain or convinced disposition. Irrespective of natural personality, there’s such a remarkable and durable strength, in those whose career are built squarely around their true career goals.

“I’m ready for the real thing, but nobody’s selling”. Brilliant Mind – Furniture.

Hands up everyone if you answer yes to the following question. You know the people above, the people who’ve identified their true goals and can be clearly seen to have shaped their career to achieve them. Well, have you ever found yourself saying, “I’d love to be that clear about what I’m doing with my career”. Perhaps the real question is, have any of us not put up our hand up???

One of the most common reasons I observed as to why people are not operating in that space yet this year is the tendency to wait and see if something might come their way. Businesses all try to offer their employees meaningful and relevant opportunities. Recruiters do the same with candidates. However, it’s only ourselves who really know what we want in our career. The possibility of us happening across, or being sold, our ideal career path is slim. So it’s best to make it happen ourselves.

“I’m not going to talk about doubt’s and confusion, on a night when I can see with my eyes shut”. The Joyful Kilmarnock Blues – The Proclaimers.

I wrote a blog previously, on the request of an old work buddy, acknowledging the realities and frustrations that comes with any career. And no different to what’s written in that blog, Quarter 1 has not been all smooth sailing. There’s been frustrations around progressing different aspects of the business.

That being said, an important aspect of the business is knowing what I am trying to do. I can see those goals for setting up Inspo with my eyes shut. And they are the oars that allow me to row through the choppy thoughts. In fact, they are good to get me, and indeed any business owner/leader, through pretty much any challenge. However, the key is to remember them at the times when you need them most.

So onwards and upwards with Quarter 2 of the year!

Keep an eye an out for a launch of Inspo’s April blog series, “10/10/10” this Thursday.

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