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Motivation in Under 60 Seconds: Gratitude for 2019.

Motivation in Under 60 Seconds: Gratitude for 2019.

2019, I am grateful to you for:

Businesses seeing Inspo as a brand they want to work with;

My bike, for getting me everywhere I need to go (which extended as far as Portlaoise this year);

People being willing to trust me to deliver work for them in the ‘unknown’ space;

Finding a (legitimate) way to bring singing into my work;

Companies trusting me to represent their brand;

Finding balance, in the sea and on my mat (I’m grateful for my goddaughter getting me my mat);

My sister for nudging me towards yoga in the first place;

People referring me to others, leading to fantastic work opportunities;

My club winning the County Final at home in Wicklow;

Learning a huge amount about coaching and myself;

People keeping an eye out for me and the clear sense that they want to help whenever they can;

Fond memories of those who have passed – this year and before;

The support of family and friends, the type of support that allows possible to breathe;

Frozen II; and

People helping me to be brave and push the boundaries of where Inspo and I have gone.