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For You

Happiness and prosperity are life’s big prizes. Let Inspo facilitate your journey towards both.

Growing up we all had lofty aspirations for our dream job. Mine was to be the next Diego Maradona. Over time, circumstances evolves. Life happens. And we can drift from the ambitions that stirred us for so long. I’m realistic in acknowledging that the ability to fulfill our childhood career ambitions are not always possible. I shall not be the next Diego Maradona. But what is realistic is to identify what is the best possible solution for your career today. That gives you an authentic sense of happiness. And that meets your needs and ambitions.

In my work, I help people to look at and articulate what their best traits and strengths are. I facilitate people to explore what a career might look like to allow you bring those traits and strengths to your work every day. Be it the career you wished for growing up. Or be it the career that now most closely replicates all that you wanted to give to and get from your work.

In this process of exploration, I am going to help you identify the following:

  • Your signature strengths.
  • The priorities (personal and financial) you have in life.
  • What you value most from your career.
  • What career path represents the best possible fit for you.

On a weekly basis, I write blogs on topics related to moulding a career that is the best possible solution for you. You can follow it here: https://ie.linkedin.com/in/slatteryjohn