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The Inspo Re-Solve Series


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Ahead of the formal launch of the Inspo Re-solve Series in January 2021, I am delighted to offer this pre-launch running at a special rate to the students of my alma-mater DCU and to anyone else who would like to invest in themselves.


What is the Inspo Re-Solve Series?

Resolve – To decide firmly on a course of action.

Re-solve – As human-beings we’ve been solving problems and creating solutions since the beginning of time. Time and time again. Sometimes solving for new problems. In reality, as a race, it’s a case of re-solving for the same problem. Perhaps with a slightly different look. Or a slightly different degree of challenge.

The Re-solve Series is a unique six-week series that inspires you to decide on a course of action. That course of action is to re-solve a problem that we as human-beings have solved so many times in life before. That is how to find the best way possible to both live and flourish in life, especially when faced with challenge, change and uncertainty.

The Series shares cutting-edge insight from psychology, business and further afield on how to create your own individual sense of re-solve.

Crucially, the Series guides attendees on how to (a) practically implement the learning as much as possible in their work and everyday lives and (b) inspire and motivate others to create a sense of re-solve for themselves, in roles such as team leader, business owner and team member.

What areas does the Re-solve Series look at?

The Re-solve Series takes attendees on a six-week journey to understand how to create a sense of re-solve for themselves and others. Each week will cover one of the six key ‘signpost’ themes.

Week 1: Setting Your Intention and Your Vision

Week 2: Adopting a Growth Mindset

Week 3: Dealing with the ‘Ugly Zone’ of Change

Week 4: Believe in Yourself and Your Story

Week 5 : Getting ‘FED’ i.e. Focus, Execution and Discipline

Week 6: Embracing Infinite Possibility

Who delivers the Re-solve Series?

The Series has been created and is delivered by John Slattery. John, a former accountant and inter-county GAA player & captain, is one of the leading sources of motivation and inspiration in Ireland through his work as part of Inspo – as coach, facilitator, trainer and motivational speaker.

Why the Re-Solve Series?

More than ever before, we as beings seek out innovative ways to achieve our goals, to live and deal with challenge and uncertainty and generate a sense of positivity. Re-solve is an ingredient that at a base level can fuel us to live through a pandemic. More than that however, having an enduring sense of re-solve is an essential element for living life well and flourishing, as a professional and a person.

The Series breaks down the process of creating a sense of re-solve into a six-digestible and comprehensible steps. It also provides very accessible and practical ways for attendees to bring re-solve into their work and everyday lives, as well as instil it in the people around them.

In a time when levels of motivation and positivity are fundamentally challenged, this Series provides timely tangible solutions to unlock re-solve from within.

What is the format of the Re-solve Series?

The Series takes place virtually over six Thursday mornings (starting on November 12th). The sessions will run from 8.15am-9am. The session kicks off with a 20-minute energetic talk where John Slattery share key tips, insights and simple practices across one of the six themes.

The remainder of the session is optional – where attendees can stay on with John for an additional 20 minutes to chat in smaller groups to (a) reflect on the session and (b) discuss how to adopt the learnings of the week. There will be space left at the end for any final reflections as a wider group.

Attendees will receive a follow-up e-mail after the session with practical guidance on how they can embed the learning in their day-to-day routine in the week ahead. The e-mail will also include the recording of John’s talk in the session to watch back or catch-up on if someone is unable to join on the day.

Book your place today to receive your joining instruction. Looking forward to working with you!