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Category: Motivation

Inspiration is a fascinating factor behind your career. Ability is evident and knowledge too is apparent. However, inspiration is the glue that brings these and other strengths together to achieve great things. Why is it so important? Prominent Positive Psychologist, Scott Barry Kaufman, believes inspiration has the ability to turn “apathy to engagement”. Music to […]

…unconditional commitment. The first reason I see people flourishing in their career is often described as bravery. What I would say is, bravery is a product of it. What inspires brave action is an unconditional commitment to pursuing your desired career path. How is bravery an output of unconditional commitment? People who pursue their desired career […]

Thanks very much for taking an interest in Inspo’s blog!  I would like to share with you why I’ve set up Inspo and what it’s been like so far. I’ve been trying to work out what’s the career path that suits me best for some time. Auditing, business development, journalism, sports psychology, event management and […]