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A journal extract from Ali: Breathe

A journal extract from Ali: Breathe

Tuesday, 24th September.

That meeting today was intense!! I couldn’t get over what was happening in that first 30 minutes. We’d come together as a team to discuss our strategy. And there we were, being rapidly (self-) railroaded by literally the most trivial team matter.

I’m so glad I had the where with all to check in on my breadth. Like the tempers in the room, wow, had it shortened!!!

I can’t get over just how intense the heat in my chest was at the time too. I guess it was being lit up by my sense of frustration at what was happening.

It’s pretty cool how my restored breath helped me to detach from the frantic and frayed the energy in the room.

Still though, making the intervention was not easy. It definitely helped to ask for permission to make an observation. The contrast between my measured tone and what was currently filling the room’s airwaves seemed to grab people’s attention immediately!

It was actually pretty amazing to see the realization in people’s faces when I, in a neutral voice (which was definitely key), noted that we seemed to be giving so much energy and attention to what appeared to be a peripheral – at best – team item.

We were like different people from there on in! Like, that was actually a productive meeting afterwards.

It’s hard to say what exactly the tangible benefit of what I said was. I’m pretty sure that I saved us from a wasted meeting. And maybe I helped avoid some regrettable things being said – which in fairness was the slippery slope that we were on!

It’s mad to think that 6/12 months ago I don’t think I could have made that intervention. I’m pretty sure I would have been sucked into that sink-hole of a discussion!

Wow, mindfulness really has made a noticeable difference for me.

It would be so cool to get the team into mindfulness. Maybe I could send them on that Guardian article on mindfulness tomorrow. As an FYI. Hmmm, maybe not. A couple of them are definitely not ready to embrace mindfulness. They’ll need to be in a place where they are open to it. Maybe I’ll just send it to Mike.

All I know is that I’m glad I have my mindfulness practice. I’ll sleep easier tonight knowing that too……

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