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Month: March 2020

On Friday, I shared a post with you about using the flexible working time ahead to self-reflect on your career. I suggested too that you could use the time to (further) explore the powerful tool that is mindfulness. And as promised, I will start sharing content tomorrow to assist you in reflecting on your career. […]

Two of my favourite ‘self-help’ books focus on the now. Now is the Time by Sister Stan and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. The essence of both is that all we ever have is now, this present moment. And what we do with the here and now defines the quality of our existence. […]

I’m learning massive amounts. It would take a book (hmmm, there’s a thought) to share them all. In the interests of brevity, here are three of the biggest learnings from taking a chance on the Inspo journey: Belief and Courage are the Answer: Do you want to make a brave step in life or your […]