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Month: November 2019

It amazed me when he said it. The power of it. The simplicity. My biopsychology lecturer in closing off our final lecture said to us: The working of the human brain is dependant on communication. In essence, his message is; communicate well to the human brain and that brain will process the information well. Communicate […]

What’s your biggest fear? What’s holding you back from living life to the fullest? From aged 5/6, I had a debilitating fear of drowning. The sight of swimming togs and deep water brought a raised heartbeat and sense of unholy panic. Aged 14, my family moved to a coastal town. The exposure to the fear […]

What is Inspiration? Inspiration is: Being brave enough to speak about topics that are being brushed under the carpet; Giving people a platform to have their voice heard; Being willing to ask the difficult question; Challenging authority for what you know to be the best outcome; Speaking your mind when many would rather you didn’t; […]

As a baby there was one thing you were passionate about. That was the desire to live. You were inspirational in how you pursued your passion. Hungry? You shouted the roof down until you got food. Sleep? You let it be known to all that you wanted rest. * And here’s the mad thing. You […]