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Year: 2018

At Inspo, the following are four unmissable work truths. You may agree or disagree on their importance. That’s fair enough. Either way, they are important to share to let you form your view on them: Work dominates your time: You are going to spend 33% of your wakeful adult life at work. It trumps (possibly […]

Inspo’s last blog focussed on the importance of the front and back offices. Both for business and ourselves, and our career. Another key concept that has emerged in more recent times in business is the concept of the ‘mid-office’. The mid-office is responsible for areas such as strategy formation and execution, and product development. The […]

The statistics relating to today’s employee paint a clear picture for employers and business leaders. This picture illustrates the reality that a good percentage of your current staff will leave you. The facts about your workforce: According to a study by Gallup, 60% of your millenial workers are currently open to moving jobs. Research by […]