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Month: June 2017

For me it’s simple – people thrive in their career because they achieve the mix of extrinsic and intrinsic reward that is right for them. Extrinsic reward is easy to define; it’s the monetary value of your compensation (salary, bonus, pension, healthcare etc…).  Extrinsic reward is what drove people for generations and continues to drive […]

Why being lost in thought is not lost time…. Much of the writing around work and achievement comes with inbuilt assumptions about the kind of work that we value.  In particular, it’s assumed that the work produces some form of measurable output – and the more of it the better.  So, we read about how […]

..Operate in the Now. The final reason in the Inspo 10/10/10 series on why people thrive in their career relates to their ability to perform ‘in the now’. In his book, “In Pursuit of Excellence”, Terry Orlick cites how ‘distraction control’ is key to thriving in your career. In addition, Orlick states that those who ground themselves in the […]

The importance of enjoyment in a thriving career struck me whilst watching a programme on TV last October. On the RTE Documentary, ‘Winning’, Irish rugby legend Paul O’Connell emphasised that enjoying the pursuit of your career goals is key to a successful career. It was a very impactful message, particularly coming from a person who came […]